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Sign Up for our new SMS Alert service

Want to know if extra tickets are released for a sold out event in your area? You can expect to recieve 1 or 2 text messages per week. And, we'll only send you a text message if tickets are released for a sold out show in your preferred state. You can unsubscribe at any time!

Signing up for our new SMS Alert Service is now even easier!!

*Please note: Charges may apply. Check with your service provider first.

Just text the letters TA followed by the State abbreviation to 38714 and then follow the instructions
sent to your phone to confirm your subscription.

Text the corresponding code for your state to 38714

  • Text HELP for Help
  • Message & Data Rates May Apply

Please feel free to sign up for alerts from as many states as you wish!

You can unsubscribe at any time by texting the words 'TAXX STOP' to 38714. Simply replace the XX with the abreviation for your state.

  For Alabama use TAAL
  For Alaska use TAAK
  For Arizona use TAAZ
  For Arkansas use TAAR
  For California use TACA
  For Colorado use TACO
  For Connecticut use TACT
  For Delaware use TADE
  For Florida use TAFL
  For Georgia use TAGA
  For Hawaii use TAHI
  For Idaho use TAID
  For Illinois use TAILL (please note: taill)
  For Indiana use TAIN
  For Iowa use TAIO
  For Kansas use TAKS
  For Kentucky use TAKY
  For Louisiana use TALA
  For Maine use TAMAI (please note: tamai)
  For Maryland use TAMD
  For Massachussetts use TAMA
  For Michigan use TAMI
  For Minnesota use TAMN
  For Mississippi use TAMS
  For Missouri use TAMO
  For Montana use TAMT
  For Nebraska use TANE
  For Nevada use TANV
  For New Hampshire use TANH
  For New Jersey use TANJ
  For New Mexico use TANM
  For New York use TANY
  For North Carolina use TANC
  For North Dakota use TAND
  For Ohio use TAOH
  For Oklahoma use TAOK
  For Oregon use TAOR
  For Pennsylvania use TAPA
  For Rhode Island use TARI
  For South Carolina use TASC
  For South Dakota use TASD
  For Tennesse use TATN
  For Texas use TATX
  For Utah use TAUT
  For Vermont use TAVT
  For Virginia use TAVA
  For Washington use TAWA
  For Washington DC use TADC
  For West Virginia use TAWV
  For Wisconsin use TAWI
  For Wyoming use TAWY

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