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Ticket Alternative's Inbound Call Center

Our in-house call center is the backbone of a boutique ticketing agency dedicated to providing the best customer service in the business. Enhance your customer experience by working with a call center 100% dedicated to ticketing and the unique challenges it presents. We don’t answer calls about car parts or medical appointments.

What we do know is all about tickets and how to help your customers enjoy the show.

We know where to sit, how long the intermission is and far the overhang... over-hangs. We also know that many calls are simple questions so we will recommend the best Mexican or Italian restaurant nearby which will get you in and out fast, the closest hotel and our favorite place to park.

You don't have to use our ticketing platform.

We're not expecting you to switch to our ticketing system for us to be your call center.

Our clients, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, the Infinite Energy Arena and The Fox Theatre do not use our ticketing system. We're strictly their call center. Enjoy total separation between your Organization and Ticket Alternative. It is a completely branded experience. Your customers will never know they're calling Ticket Alternative.

  • In-bound call center
  • Quality Assurance program
  • Point your local or toll-free number to our call center
  • Your customers hear a personalized greeting before connecting to an agent
  • The greeting can be changed regularly to accommodate seasonal, promotional messaging and up-selling offers
  • Our system identifies the caller, allowing us to answer accordingly
  • We answer each call as your venue, facility or organization
  • Unlike computerized phone systems, every call is connected to a live operator
  • Calls are answered seven days per week, 365 days per year
  • Our staff are trained to up-sell and/or cross-sell as required
  • Our staff visit many of the venues/organization we serve for in-person training
  • Our staff provide exemplary customer service for everything from restaurant and hotel recommendations to turn-by-turn directions

What can you use us for?

Use us for your overflow calls during normal business hours, or use us just for your nights and weekend calls. Or, go all-in and let us serve you 100% of the time.

Supported Ticketing Systems

We currently offer support for the following ticketing systems:

  • Spectra / Paciolan
  • TopTix - SRO4
  • Gateway / Galaxy
  • Audienceview
  • Freshtix
  • AXS


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