Reports, Data and Analytics

The Most Robust Reporting Suite in the Business

Ticket Alternative's reporting suite contains an unlimited number of standard and custom reports created just for you.

  • Export to a wide variety of formats (pdf, excel, html, txt)
  • Reports can be scheduled to fire automatically and delivered to your team via email
  • Categorize and subcategorize your reports by functionality and favorite your go to reports for quick selection
  • Reports can be access wherever there is an internet connection
  • Manipulate your data on screen; sorting, grouping &a,p; summarizing of fields
  • Live Excel removes the need to login to the web portal
  • Our reporting suite supports multiple users with varying permissions
  • Data warehousing and big data are included
  • Intelligent dashboards provide a snapshot of daily sales
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Integrate with retargeting platforms



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